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Mombasa Port

Mombasa is Kenya's major seaport, Set in a deep, natural harbor on the Indian Ocean, Mombasa's Kilindini port facility is the best equipped on the East African coast. It was a strategic trading center for many centuries and has been ruled by Arabs, Persians, Portuguese, Turks, and finally the British. The port of Mombasa was established in 1978, being the second largest port in terms of tonnage and containers handled after Durban.

Total cargo traffic through the port averages 14 million tones a year. After Durban, Mombasa is the best connected port in the region, with more than 17 shipping lines calling and direct connectivity to over 80 ports.

Mombasa serves the hinterland markets of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Northern Tanzania, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia.

Dar-es-Salaam Port

Dar es Salaam port is the Tanzania principal port with a rated capacity of 4.1 million (dwt) dry cargo and 6.0 million (dwt) bulk liquid cargo. Dar es Salaam port handles about 95% of the Tanzania international trade.

The port serves the landlocked countries of Malawi, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. The port is strategically placed to serve as a convenient freight linkage not only to and from East and Central Africa countries but also to middle and Far East, Europe, Australia and America.

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